In the News: Smoke Pot-Get Paid

Featured in LA Weekly and Orange County Weekly

Quick cash to help with today’s financial crunch.

by Steve Lowery

Job description: Smoking pot for medical research.

Hours: Flexible ...

Experience necessary : Having smoked pot a must.

Pay: Varies, though some studies have paid as much over $3,250!

Perks: The National Research Group, the good people that gave you Safe Sex-Get Paid, publish The Confidential Report & “BlackBook” and online data base, which provides info not only on how to get paid to smoke pot but also how to get as much as $6,500 in a sleep study or $3,900 for cigarette smokers, or $1,500 weekly for sex studies.

See the Free "Get Paid" Studies Preview section at the bottom of our home page.

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